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Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery – University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, Wisconsin
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Miller Park– Food and Beverage Improvements  /  Milwaukee, Wisconsin  /   View Project
Miller Park– Food and Beverage Improvements
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Wade House Visitor Center  /  Greenbush, Wisconsin  /   View Project
Wade House Visitor Center
Greenbush, Wisconsin
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Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church  /  Pewaukee, Wisconsin  /   View Project
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Promega Feynman Center  /  Fitchburg, Wisconsin  /   View Project
Promega Feynman Center
Fitchburg, Wisconsin
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Warch Campus Center–Lawrence University  /  Appleton, Wisconsin  /   View Project
Warch Campus Center–Lawrence University
Appleton, Wisconsin
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Buildings are places where people make connections, where they experience important events in their lives. Buildings become touchstones.

– Scott Ramlow


Some see producing a beautiful, functional building as the endpoint of architecture. For us at UWRS, it is only the beginning. For a building to be truly right, it must also serve the mission of its owner, support the needs of the users inside, provide an uplifting, healthy and safe environment for its occupants, offer flexibility for the future, and exist gracefully in its context and community. You shouldn’t be able to tell a UWRS building by its style, but rather by its service to all that is important, a beauty that goes deep.


Design is a fully integrated discipline at UWRS. We are all designers—whether of architecture, interiors, graphics or even brands. Incorporating interior design into projects from the start only makes sense, since we spend about 90% of our time indoors. Designers at UWRS balance art and science, thinking and feeling, to create distinctive and functional spaces. Their impact is powerful—elevating spirit and morale, creating culture, stimulating productivity and learning, and building community. Our interiors have received numerous recognitions. But the highest honor is hearing a client say, “This just feels like us.”

Master Planning

Practicing thoughtful architecture often means helping clients look ahead. We assist our higher education clients, especially, with master planning services to anticipate future needs and developments. Our approach is to determine the highest and best use of campus sites for the institution as it evolves. We provide a roadmap of possibilities for both buildings and sites, which the university can use as a tool for strategic planning and decision-making. This kind of intelligence supports leaders in their mission of preparing for tomorrow’s students, cultivating alumni and donors, and moving their institutions forward.

Our team

We were inspired by a father who was in the trades. We built stuff with Legos as a kid. We have a cabin in the North Woods. We’re tearing down walls and renovating a ranch home. We play acoustic rock and country-ish guitar. We’re tinkerers. Hunters. Painters. We’re all different. We’re all the same in our passion for architecture and design. We’d love to meet you, and be part of your team.

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Our mission is to improve life in our city and state.

We create buildings that will still inspire 100 years from now. We make visions concrete. We design cutting-edge learning environments and laboratories. We breathe new life into old buildings. We plan with economy and ecology in mind. We partner to fulfill mission and show corporate responsibility. We shape space that enhances quality of life. We work to have an impact close to home.

We practice architecture for many reasons, but one purpose: to give meaning to all that we touch.
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Kern Center - MSOE
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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