Aric Agabekov




B.S. in Architectural Studies, UW Milwaukee; Associate Degree, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College


Joined UWRS in 2018

“There’s a passion and a drive to be good at what you do here; it’s a mindset that everyone shares.”

Aric started out on a pre-med track, but architecture won him over, building on his early interests in technical subjects and woodworking. While in school, Aric identified project management as one of his strengths, and he appreciates the opportunity at UWRS to become involved in that facet of the profession from the get-go. His relationship-building skills, which he honed working for a restaurant group as a student, combined with his technical knowledge, will also serve clients well. A native of Green Bay, Aric is thriving in the metropolitan environment and looking forward to focusing on design as he evolves in his career.