Michael Short




M.Arch with Real Estate Development Concentration, UW Milwaukee; B.S. Architectural Studies, UW Milwaukee


Joined UWRS in 2018

“I enjoy the challenge of staying within a budget, while also getting the most out of it for the client.”

Michael is a third-generation architect in his family, following in the footsteps of his grandfather and great-grandfather, the latter of whom established a well-regarded firm in Chicago. Michael treasures his experiences at the firm from the time he was nine years old and on, including working there weekends and summers during architecture school. Joining UWRS with several years of experience, Michael appreciates exposure at the firm to all facets of a project because he believes an architect should have broad knowledge of the practice. He expects to focus on design and project management, and draw on his interest in business to make the case for buildings that are not only well designed, but also provide a return on investment to their owners.