Scott Ramlow




Master of Architecture, UW Milwaukee; Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, UW Milwaukee


Registered Architect in Wisconsin, AIA; Wisconsin Society of Architects; Milwaukee Rotary Club; Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce; Waukesha Business Alliance


Joined UWRS in 1990

“I believe architecture to be one of the noble professions, serving the needs of people.”

The first building Scott designed was a tree house, and he knew by the age of 13 that he wanted to be an architect. For Scott, architecture is not a job but an identity; he’s an architect as he is also a husband and a father. Scott joined the firm soon after earning his master’s degree and stayed, primarily because of David Uihlein, the firm’s founder, whom he values as a mentor. Scott credits David with helping to develop his thinking on servant leadership in the profession, making client needs and goals the priority. Buildings should inspire, improve life, make a difference and become places integral to human experience, Scott believes. Cultivating long-term relationships with clients and becoming an extension of their organizations is a hallmark of the firm; Scott underscores the capacity of architecture to create connections—architect to client, building to people. A co-owner of the firm along with Nat Stein, his long-time partner, Scott leads with openness, humor, humility and a vision for continuing to design places that have a purpose.